About Us

VKJ India Ltd was formulated with a vision to be a conglomerate of diverse businesses with presence all around the world. The company is headquartered in the City Beautiful of Chandigarh. The export division of the company was formed with an idea of promoting the rich and diverse heritage of the Indian Handicrafts worldwide. Its export division is primarily associated with manufacturing of home decoration accessories. The main product line constitutes of glass and wooden products in antique and contemporary styles.


  • Unit I – In Saharanpur ( Manufacturing, Finishing and Packaging)
  • Unit II - In Chandigarh (Finishing and Packaging)

Unique Features:

  • Promotion of Heritage of India through exclusive handcrafted products.
  • Our products are a step towards the promotion of ‘Brand India’.
  • Our products are cost effective.
  • Each product is exclusive and one of its kind for the consumer.
  • We refurbish the products for our clients and can also redo the product to provide entirely a new look.
  • The products are high quality in terms of design and fabrications to meet the International standards.
  • We welcome new developments with reference to product drawing/ specification provided by the client to encourage exclusivity.